Frequently Asked Questions About Universal Auto Transport

Using our Free Quotation Service

To use our free quote service all you have to do is fill in and submit the form which is on the homepage of our site. You can also call us and speak with a trained transportation consultant. Whether you request an online quote or by phone, our auto transport rates are created based on up-to-the-minute availability and circumstances.

Vehicle Shipment

We’re able to transport your vehicle or heavy equipment to or from anywhere inside the United States and overseas.

Our Insurance Policies

Insurance is one of the most important factors of car shipping and we have several policies available to suit your needs. Even without extra insurance from the insurance companies, all carriers are insured up to $1,000,000. Extra insurance is available but not required.

Transportation Time Tables

There are several things that could increase the time of a car shipment—things such as weather, traffic and a number of unforeseen occurrences are all factors. Car transportation takes anywhere between two to ten days - for cross-country trips it is between ten and fourteen days. If you need your vehicle by a specific date, CALL NOW to arrange your shipment to avoid delaying your schedule.

Open Trailers vs. Enclosed Trailers

Open trailers are the most common method and the least expensive. Enclosed car trailers are more expensive because less cars are being shipped at the same time. The enclosed trailer keeps them safe from the elements and this is best for classic cars, cars with expensive paintjobs, motorcycles and vehicles that are too low to the ground.

Vehicle Delivery

You should be present at the time of the delivery, if you cannot make it we request that you designate someone else or contact us.