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A potential customer may wonder how much it costs to transport a vehicle. It can be much less than actually driving it themselves. Accommodations, security, food and gas have to be added to the budget if someone transports a vehicle themselves, rather than using an auto transport company. Also, the level of expertise at driving under various road conditions and into unknown territory, must be factored into the mix. Rates vary a lot for auto transport and are dependent upon several factors, including what kind of truck is used and how many vehicles are being transported at the same time, and where they are going.

Nationwide auto transport rates Factors determining auto transport rates:

The first major factor in determining rates is the location of the vehicle to be transported and where it's being sent to. Are both destinations off the beaten track or close to a major interstate, or is only one destination close to a highway? How much driving will be done on an interstate? Is the path of your particular transport between or close to major cities and will this be a destination that's already in place for other vehicles on the transport carrier? This can save a person a lot of money over being in a remote area or having the only vehicle being delivered there.

Auto Transport Rates

Rural Auto Transport Rates

Did you know that regular auto transport routes can cost half of a shipment of the same distance that is on an irregular route?

The second major factor is for special considerations. If the vehicle is super-large, or non-running, or falling apart (which will need enclosed carriage over exposed transport), then those may factor into the total cost for transport as well. If a shipper is totally uncertain about rates they'll need to pay then getting a quote fast may weigh into the mix.

Most companies will offer quotes but it usually takes a while for individual auto transport companies to get their act together and send off a quote. If a customer can get quotes fast, then the budget can be worked out and they can send off their "baby" with peace of mind, looking forward to the first day that it arrives at its destination.

auto transport rural rates To understand your rates, always remember:

  • How far your origin and destination are from a major interstate
  • How much interstate driving is necessary
  • Is your route between or near major cities
  • Special considerations like extra large vehicle, non-running, need for enclosed protection

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