How to Get the Most Out of Your Auto Transportation

A common aspect of vehicle transportation that is often neglected is communication. It is important at every phase, and especially during transport. Make sure that the transportation company you hired has some way to notify you in the event of delays or just for routine updates.

Make sure you communicate specifics about your car. Let them know the exact ground clearance of your car, the height, width and if you’ve made any permanent modifications. These can affect the shipping options available to you, which will in turn affect the cost.

Let the transporter know if your car isn’t running beforehand. They’ll still be able to ship it but additional fees will apply.

And here are some factors which could affect your shipping times:

Time of year—transport times are slower especially during the Holidays

Transportation Destination—naturally this will affect transport times, especially taking into account cross country transports or overseas shipments

Transporter type—different types of transports such as enclosed or freight carriers will have different roads and routes in which they’re able to take, and these can cause various auto transport times.