About Universal Auto Transport Company

Universal Auto Transport is a company that's dedicated to streamlining and perfecting the auto transportation business. This means providing service that's fast, safe and tailor-made for your needs. We're able to take care of all of your transport needs. We ship: classic cars, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, cars, boats and heavy machinery. We know that no two transportation requests are exactly alike, which is why we're flexible. We're able to take your vehicle whether or not it's operational. We also offer door-to-door or terminal drop-off/pick-up.

Our services are perfect for a host of different customers including car collectors, people on vacation, construction teams and dealerships. Dealerships can especially benefit from our services because they ship the most vehicles. Online dealerships, like online transporters, have seen extended recent growth and this is due to how well the two have been able to work together.

Call Today and enjoy the Peace of Mind that comes from shipping your vehicle with a reliable auto transport with the experience, expertise and dedication your shipment deserves!

Rest assured that while Universal Auto Transport has your vehicle, it is fully insured and handled by professionals at each step in the process. Once we drop it off at the destination, your own insurance is what you rely on. A fender bender can happen at any moment, so be prepared with adequate car insurance coverage so you are prepared for the unexpected.

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