Does my car stay on one truck during nationwide auto transport?

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nationwide auto transport trucking With Universal Auto Transport, you can forget about worrying about your vehicle being taken off one vehicle, left at an auto transport terminal for days and possibly getting damaged or burglarized. It'll be on one truck, under the care of one driver, and delivered door to door. How safe is that?

We Take Cross-Country Auto Transport Seriously

Our committment is that you can be worry-free with this wonderful way to ship your vehicle. Vehicles are big investments. Transporting them shouldn't be taken lightly or casually. When we are transporting your vehicle, we take this responsibility very seriously.

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Nationwide Auto Transport

Did you know that the national average for auto transport, exluding auto towing within the same zip code, is 895 miles?

When you book on the Internet you'll still get a sense of security knowing that your vehicle won't be handed off, possibly several times, and will be under the care of a single driver. Like baggage, you may imagine many scenarios of things getting lost or damaged when they're moved around a lot. Insured, experienced and professional car shipping drivers and companies are dedicated to looking after every single vehicle on their auto transports. They may feel that during the few days involved with transport, that they become friends and after delivering the vehicle to your door, give it an affectionate pat before saying goodbye!

We Focus on Door-to-Door Auto Transport

Anytime something is loaded onto or off of a truck, such as when an appliance or furniture is delivered to your home, then, the chances seem to increase exponentially regarding the possibility of damage to the item. It's like a refrigerator slipping off the dolly, or someone driving by carelessly and whacking off your car's side mirror. Vandalism may be a concern if vehicles are unloaded, even temporarily, before being loaded onto a different truck. By sticking with carriers that will take the vehicle door-to-door, we are able to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

One truck, one driver, your vehicle delivered safely is the only way to go. With peace of mind like this the only thing that needs to be in your mind is what you are going to do with your vehicle first!

nationwide auto transport trucks

  • All trucks and vehicles are insured
  • All of our brokers and dispatchers are 100% committed to your satisfaction
  • All of your vehicles are treated with care from door-to-door

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