Importance of Insurance When Moving

Posted in January 26th, 2012
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During a big move, the most important thing that also might be the easiest thing to forget is insurance. Between packing everything up, keeping it organized, and planning how everything will be arranged when it's unpacked, many people simply overlook the risks that come with moving.

The truth is, a family's most valuable possessions are at significant risk during a move. An entire family's furniture, clothes, electronics and even jewelry is all in one or two trucks during a move. Auto accidents do happen, and if they happen during a move then the consequences can be severe. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of possessions could be lost. Many people wrongly assume that, because a homeowner's policy covers the goods in their home, it will cover them during a move. This is not true. A homeowner's or renter's insurance policy only covers goods while they are in a person's home. Because of this, both policies are effectively worthless when it comes to insuring goods during a move.

One easy way to avoid this scenario is for movers to carry a comprehensive auto policy. This usually isn't enough, though. Many auto insurance policies are limited in the amount of personal property damage that can be claimed. Before a move, individuals and families should check with their insurance provider on how well covered they will be in the event of an accident during a move. If the answer isn't satisfactory, sites such as can help with creating new, affordable policies that provide adequate coverage.

In the event that a moving company is handling the move and the family isn't transporting their own belongings, it would seem logical that insurance wouldn't be necessary. Again, the expectation makes sense but the reality is far different. Moving companies aren't necessarily responsible for the condition of items upon delivery. Because of this, virtually anyone who is moving would be wise to consider mover's insurance in order to mitigate the risk of moving and suffering a huge loss.

The best thing that anyone can do is to check with their auto insurance carrier, and upgrade their coverage if necessary. An improved auto policy or a new mover's policy can both prevent a nightmare scenario from happening. Because so much is at risk during a move, it's worth the extra time to make sure everything is protected.