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Payment Options

When shipping your car internationally, it is always important to gather information from the carrier you’re using. One of the most important things to find out when planning international auto transport is the payment options available. Car transporters require you to make a deposit, and for this they usually will accept certified checks, cash or credit cards. Once the delivery has been completed they’ll only accept certified checks or cash—though exceptions can be made. It’s important that you go over payment options whenever you ship your car.

International Details

There are certain things you must be aware of when shipping your car overseas opposed to when you're shipping it nationally. Your vehicle will have to clear customs when being shipped overseas. A lot of car transportation companies will have custom brokers and clearing agents available to you. Their job is to get your car through the overseas shipping process. There are also extra charges associated with international auto shipping. As far as insurance goes, transport companies are only liable to no more than $500 per vehicle. It’s a good idea to purchase additional insurance. You should confer with your overseas auto transport company to see what other policies they offer. Then there are the clearance and international port charges. They will differ from country to country but your transportation company should notify you of any, including any duties or taxes as well.

Basic Shipping Questions

When shipping overseas you’ll often have an increased amount of options as to how your vehicle can be shipped. There is container shipping, air shipping, roll on/roll off shipping. Each carries a different price point so you should find the best one suited for you. If you want to store items in your vehicle you should go with container shipping, since that’s usually the only way they can be insured. It may be necessary to ship your vehicle to a licensed terminal if there are no adequate drops off locations. When shipping your car you should have around 1/4 tank of gas. And know that if your car doesn’t run it can still be shipped with extra fees due to the extra work involved.

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