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enclosed auto shipping carrier with the back portal lifted Auto shipping can be very expensive, especially across country or other long distances. If you are doing it yourself, that is. Using an auto transport company will save money. You can get quotes from several different companies all at the same time, and be a super saver. Gas prices are always going up and road conditions everywhere are getting worse.

To protect your vehicle, choose enclosed auto transport

Hard and Soft Enclosure Auto Transports

Did you know that the average premium if you choose enclosed transportation is about 40% over open auto transport?

No state has the money to fix their roads anymore. Potholes are all over the place and feel especially close if you're driving an older car that's not been restored and which has already clocked more miles than the Rolling Stones.

Protect your vehicle from the hazards of the road

enclosed auto transport carrier It's best, with a classic or fragile car, or a motorcycle or oversized vehicle, to use a reliable auto transport company. You can find a great deal if you compare prices and still be able to afford the premium when you choose an enclosed transport. These enclosed trucks do cost more than an open trailer but if you factor in the investment you've already made in your show car or antique vehicle, then many customers find the extra cost to be absolutely worth it.

Many things enter into the final cost of using an enclosed transport for your classic car. Time restrictions, drop off and pick up locations, the time of year (weather), the distance you need your car shipped, the condition of the car, and a few other things.

Tell us all about your classic car or need for an enclosed trailer and we'll be able to send you a specific quote for the best deal that fits your specific needs.

enclosed double-decker auto transport carrier All in all it's still much cheaper to have a company like Universal Auto Transport find you the perfect open or enclosed auto carrier to ship your vehicle door to door, and in the safety of an enclosed auto trailer. Work a budget out as if you were going to do the shipping yourself, and see what a bargain using an auto transporter can really be.

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