Special Deals On Universal Auto Transport

Here at Universal Auto Transporters we already guarantee some of the lowest and most competitive rates in the business. Our free quote system creates competition which generates lower rates for our customers who get to pick and choose. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t always looking for new opportunities to provide our customers with more ways to save money. It was with this in mind that we started our rebate program.

Select transporters in our network are offering $50 cash back upon the completion of your vehicle shipment. When you receive your free quote(s) look for auto transporters that offer rebates. This may lead to you receiving $50 dollars cash back from some of our transporters. Please click to get a free quote to find out if this is available for your shipment.

Buying a car online? Check out our 10 Key Car Buying Tips! If you are in a tight credit situation and you find yourself in the South West make sure to check out all of your options for used cars for sale. There are many that can work with your unique situation and get you back on the road.


Ask for special pricing for vehicle transport if you are buying a car online.


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You'll want to make sure that your vehicle is insured. One option is to temporarily get insurance that covers you for the short term. Or you can also look at getting a standard policy. Prices will vary but you could use an online insurance calculator to help figure out your premium.