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Experienced auto transport brokers Auto transport brokers are like the concierges of the vehicle shipping world. If you need to have a vehicle shipped from one location to another, but don't have the time or inclination to do it, then having someone take care of the myriad of details will enable you to relax and simply wait for your precious cargo to arrive at your door.

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Someone like Universal Auto Transporters is so experienced in the field that they can select the best carriers for the job, take care of all of the specifics about what and where and how long and what else, handle any questions that customers may have, as well as offer support from door to door.

How do frieght and transportation brokers earn their fees?

Auto Transport Brokers

Did you know that our brokers and dispatchers spend approximately 5 hours providing support for each vehicle that we ship? This includes communication with drivers of car carriers, communicating with you when your car will be picked up and dropped off, handling requests for updates and handling any delays due to weather or other circumstances.

Using the concierge-like service of a vehicle transport company is far easier, and in most cases cheaper, than doing it yourself. How well do you know the vehicle you want to transport? How well do you know the route? How much extra time do you have in order to transport or drive the vehicle yourself? If the car or vehicle breaks down and you're driving it yourself, where can you get a part for that antique or classic or luxury car? How much will it cost for gas and food and lodging for yourself and possibly a friend? Add all possible expenses up and the cost of using an auto transporter will probably be a lot cheaper.

It could take time rounding one up yourself and finding out all of the info to get yourself the best deal, but if you use a company experienced in this area to do the legwork for you, all you need to do is sit back and look forward to your vehicle arriving on your doorstep in the same condition it left. If you have an antique motorcycle for instance, that's a hard one to get shipped by your lonesome.

Auto transport brokers Hand it over to the experts and relax. Our auto shipping brokers help you move:

  • privately owned vehicles
  • dealer-to-dealer
  • show cars
  • factory to dealerships
  • auction to dealerships
  • by railway
  • by boat transfer
  • open or enclosed shipments

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