Recreational Vehicle (RV) Financing

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Are you and your family looking to acquire an RV? Has it been your dream to travel across country and enjoy the comforts of home without paying for pricey hotel stays? Are you, however, low on capital? No worries, financing an RV could not be easier!

Unlike many other types of loans, RV loans typically have very generous terms. Why might RV financing be different from, say, automotive or real estate financing? RV financiers are particularly diligent in making their payments. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) reports that less then 1.5 percent of RV financers are delinquent on making their payments.

Tax Deductions & Financing

Did you know most people that own their primary residence are able to deduct the interest on their RV loan as a second home?

As a result, you may be able to stretch your payments out over a 15 year period. Also, about 70 percent of dealers require less than a 20 percent down payment. And, the remaining 30 percent of buyers typically only have to put down 10 percent.

These generous terms make it easy and fiscally sound to finance an RV purchase.

Moreover, it is effortless these days to shop for RVs online. The selection is as diverse as a hundred stores, and all at the click of a button. While online, you can also see what type of financing is best for you and get approved for it in just minutes.

Lastly, if you finance an RV (as opposed to leasing it), you can write off the interest on your home mortgage taxes. This is if the RV you purchase offers the main features of a home (e.g., bathroom, bed, storage, kitchen). This effectively saves you loads of cash!

Now that you know that financing is not a problem, go forth and find the perfect RV for you today!

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