Driving Jeeps

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Jeeps are great vehicles for any climate.

Jeep gets it's name

Early in 1941, Willys-Overland demonstrated the new vehicle's off-road capability by having it drive up the steps of the US Capitol, driven by Willys test driver Irving "Red" Haussman. wiki

If you are in New England for the winter, for instance, those durable tires and that four wheel drive will provide you with a safe ride through the snowstorm.

If you reside in California, being able to take the top down at will is wonderful feature. There is nothing quite like having the benefits of truck with the options of a sports car.

The popularity of jeeps across the US has provided Universal Auto Transport with much experience in shipping these versatile vehicles. That said, below are a number of sites related to jeeps that might spark your interest or tickle your fancy!

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