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Transporting your vehicle within the Island of Hawaii? Universal Auto Transport is your answer for all your Hawaii vehicle transport needs. With 10 years of experience on our sides, it's not difficult to see why we're such a staple in the auto transport industry. We have experience transporting all over the nation, especially Hawaii. Our track record has left countless customers with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Looking to get your car shipped from L.A. up to Hawaii for that summer getaway? Let Universal Auto Transport get the job done the right way. Contact us today via phone or email to discuss specifics. Or, feel free to fill out our online quote request form today! Looking to get that 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS transported to do some Island cruising? Let Universal Auto Transport get your vehicle safely over seas.

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Hawaii DMV Info

Driver Licensing: (808) 532-7700

Title/Registration (Satellite City Hall Office): (808) 527-6695

Web site: