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Auto transport is a very reliable business. We have to be; we're often moving people's most valuable assets!

reliable auto transport serviceIf you drive even occasionally, you've seen auto transports in many forms on the road alongside of you. Thousands of vehicles are sent short and long distances every year. Dealers use auto transports, classic and luxury car collectors do, people who have moved from the East Coast to the West Coast, and vice versa, as well as race cars and even derelict but valuable antique cars, along with hard to drive vehicles, oversized ones, tiny ones, and anything too precious to be merely driven to its destination. An increasing use for auto transports is for online purchases of vehicles.

How Reliable Is Auto Transport?

People trust auto transport companies to get their hard won auction vehicle from some remote village in Alaska, all the way down to Southern California, as an example. They also trust them to take an antique or distressed vehicle, or a beloved old car that's been in an accident or in storage, to their home where they can work on it.

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Reliable Auto Transport

Did you know that over 100,000 privately owned vehicles (POVs) are transported doot-to-door each year?

Universal Auto Transport is extremely dedicated to perfecting the auto transport business and in becoming the top and go-to company there is. We are concentrating on building a superb reputation and our goal is to be number one in just a couple of years.

When an auto transport company is good, they will be able to send SUVs, RVs, classic and antique cars, boats, heavy machinery, and even new cars on their way and know that the vehicles will arrive at their destination as they were sent out. Customers and dealers, groups and companies, want to believe that nothing will happen to the cargo which they have invested in and with an excellent auto transport company, nothing will -- other than arriving safely at its destination, of course!

Transporting a vehicle safely on a large truck, driven by a professional driver, is the best method of shipping a vehicle. Here are some of the jobs we have performed recently:

  • privately owned vehicles
  • dealer-to-dealer trading
  • railway auto transport
  • factory to dealerships
  • shipment of vehicles as luxury freight
  • enclosed shipments
  • race cars
  • classic autos
  • show cars

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