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In today's economy it's rare to hear about any single segment of business growing. And while some may be growing profit wise more than likely they're still stagnant in terms of employee growth. Oddly enough, one area that may feature a prominent opportunity for employee growth is long haul trucking transportation.

The reason for this stems from several factors. Mainly, older, experienced drivers are retiring from trucking at a rate faster than new drivers are joining. In addition to this, the laws regulating long haul trucking have become more and more stringent.

This has a two fold effect. On one hand, some drivers are being forced out of the industry due to repeated violations. And on the other hand, since these violations hurt company's already meager profits they're less likely to hire a driver they deem as unqualified.

There's more than just this that has led to the driver shortage though. Many truckers have been struggling to afford the soaring cost of fuel, as well as the new equipment required as part of the ever evolving trucking regulations.

While being a long haul trucker isn't easy and there are several factors working against itthere are several upsides. The major one being that the shortage of truckers make any reliable ones in the industry a commodity. And as such, drivers can demand higher paymaking the cost of running and maintaining a rig more palatable.

But what exactly goes into becoming a qualified long haul trucker? First, you will need a Commercial Driver's License or a CDL. You must also be able to pass a Department of Transportation physical. The physical determines whether or not you have any ailments that would impair your driving--such as poor eyesight, poor hearing or high blood pressure. The physical also incorporates a blood test which screens for drugs and alcohol. These requirements are just the basics though and could change depending on whether or not you operate your own rig or work directly for a company.

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Independent Owner Operator Resources

We understand your spirit of independence and are confident that we can help place you with a trucking company that understands as well. Trucking companies are expanding their fleets with owner operators, and they're looking for qualified drivers like you. If you're looking for more pay, more miles, or more home time, apply for one or many of the owner operator jobs listed here with a free online application today! Keep your independence and gain all the benefits of working for a trucking company that knows and understands your needs.



Local Trucking Jobs

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Long-haul Trucking Jobs

You can apply for a trucking job online on sites like Here you'll find frequently updated truck driving jobs from the largest trucking companies. Their website is simple to use and no membership required.


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  • - Truck driving jobs are listed here with some of Americas best trucking companies. No matter the driver experience level, we have companies needing all types of company truck drivers and owner operators.
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