Keeping Your Taxi Business Running During The Pandemic

Posted in January 4th, 2021
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For a lot of people, it has been really difficult to keep their job as normal as possible whilst the pandemic is going on. This is obviously easier for some people than others and generally, it is those who are doing practical work as opposed to computer-based work whose jobs have been affected to the greatest degree. One field of work that has been impacted to some extent is driving services, whether that be via Uber or an independent taxi company. Luckily, there are things that you can do to minimize the risk posed to both you as the driver and your customers, meaning you are able to carry on working despite the pandemic.

Get Protection For Your Car

One way that you can help minimize the risk posed to you by riders in your car is to get protection for your car, which can act as a barrier between you and your customers. This way, you can still make money and your riders can still get to where they need to be, but there will be much less contact between you and therefore less risk of transmission.

You can invest in some sneeze shields, which provide a physical layer between you and the customers, so you won’t be sharing as much of the same air compared to if you were fully exposed to them. This means the transmission of COVID via breathing or sneezing will be far less likely. You can also ask riders to not sit directly next to you in the front seat, which will make it easier for you to create a barrier between yourself and them.

Ensure Riders Wear A Face Mask

An easy way to minimize risk is to ensure riders wear a face mask. This is easy to enforce and will also be gladly done by most riders. Having been in the midst of a pandemic for a number of months now, most people will have access to a mask and will be in the habit of bringing it everywhere with them, so this should not be an issue.

Wearing masks drastically reduces the rate of transmission, so this combined with physical shields in your car will keep you super safe.

Keep Windows Open

If you want to be extra cautious, you could even keep the windows open for the duration of your journey, in order to ensure that the air you are breathing in is fresh and hasn’t yet been breathed in by anyone else. Obviously, this one is quite dependent on the weather and the temperature, so if it is a really cold day you could just open them a little bit to increase circulation.

The pandemic is less than ideal for everyone and we all must work together to minimize its effects. Whilst we must try and protect our health, it Is important that people don’t suffer economically, so we need to try and find a good balance whereby both are affected as little as possible. Stay aware of others and follow precautions, in order to help everyone out!