Essential Tips When Planning an Outdoor Wedding Reception

Posted in February 20th, 2019
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As spring inches closer and closer, so too does the start of the spring and summer wedding season, which tends to be very big across the whole country. Spring and summer provide couples with the opportunity to take their festivities outdoors and take advantage of the natural scenery and beauty, making for a stunning backdrop, not just for the day itself, but also the wedding photographs.

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If you’ve been dreaming of an outdoor wedding reception and the time has finally come to start the planning process, then there are some essential tips you’ll want to keep in mind. As beautiful as an outdoors setting may be, it does carry with it some unique considerations and challenges that couples will want to address. These tips will ensure that you can take on any obstacle and sail right by, ensuring that the day is beautiful and enjoyable not just for you but also your guests.

Have a Rain Plan

Sure, these are the words you don’t want to hear, instead you want your wedding reception to take place on a beautiful and sunny day. The fact is that you can’t control the weather, so a rain plan is 100% necessary. This will eliminate stress and confusion on the wedding day should the weather take a turn for the worse. A rain plan could feature a party/event tent that could be put up to shield guests or maybe a backup space indoors.

Provide Guests with Outdoor Facilities

If your venue doesn’t offer on-site washroom facilities that are nearby, then you will want to think about renting facilities. The last thing you want to make your guests do is trudge down pathways in search of a washroom, walking over un-even ground, and possibly through the dark depending on the time of day your reception takes place.

Satellite Restroom Trailers are an excellent option for couples who are planning an outdoor reception. They offer a variety of models that range in size and luxury. Guests won’t feel as though they are in an ‘outdoor washroom’, rather it will be comfortable and provide all the facilities they require.

Let the Scenery Act as Your Décor

For many couples, the whole point of having an outdoor reception is to take advantage of the natural scenery and nature, so there’s no need to compete with extra décor. Little touches like table centerpieces, elegant table linens and dishes, and even chair covers can act as all the décor you need.

Add a Touch of Comfort for Your Guests

You always want to be sure that the comfort of your guests is a top priority during an outdoor wedding. This shows that you appreciate them, and want them to enjoy the day just as much as you and your significant other. Little touches such as providing flip flops for a beach setting, sunglasses, shawls, sunscreen, bottles of water, and shaded areas all show that you are thinking about their needs.

Taking All Things into Consideration

These tips will help you to take all things into consideration and make sure that the day is a smashing success and one you will remember forever.