Steps to Take If You Are Involved in a Car Accident

Posted in April 24th, 2017
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Photo by valtercirillo, CC0 1.0

So, you find yourself in the midst of a car accident. This is something that no one wants to deal with, but sometimes the unavoidable happens and either you bump into someone else’s car or someone else hits yours. These types of accidents can range from a mild bumper to something a whole lot more serious. And they can happen at any point when you’re driving on the road, so make sure that you’re aware of what to do when you are involved in a car accident. This is going to help you stay safe and sound in this event.

  • Stop Your Vehicle Immediately

Whenever you’re part of a car accident, no matter how minor or harmless it seems, you should immediately stop your car. No matter what you think, the accident could be far worse and you want to stop to ensure that everything is OK before moving on.

  • Make Sure the Scene Is Safe

Next, after you have stopped your car, ensure that yourself and the passengers in your car are safe and not injured. You should also check outside of your car to make sure that no one else has been badly injured. To make sure that the accident doesn’t get any worse, turn on your hazard lights to let other drivers know that an accident has happened. This is especially important when you’re on a busy highway – this accident could be worse quickly if more vehicles get involved.

  • Call the Emergency Services

Even if there are no injuries to report of, you should always call the police in the case of a car accident. This is because there must be a police report filed whenever there is a car accident on the road. If there are serious injuries, then the ambulance and fire departments should also be called and brought onto the scene.

  • Ensure There Is a Complete Record of The Accident

After you have called the police and they have arrived on the scene, you want to give them a comprehensive record of what happened in the accident. Don’t leave out any details. This is important because you may need this record if you are to bring this case to court in the future. Make sure not to make any assumptions about the accident. If you don’t remember or don’t know the details, make sure to tell the police officer that. If you’re not sure if you’re not injured, then tell them that, rather than guessing if you’re actually injured or not.

  • Take Plenty of Photographs

If you have any damage to your car, then you had better take plenty of photos of that damage for the record. In addition to that, take photos of the damage done to the other vehicle and any injuries that you find yourself with or that have happened to other passengers. This is crucial for when you file the case with your insurance company to get compensation for the accident.

  • Make Sure to Exchange Details with The Other Party

If the police are not brought to the scene of the accident, then you should ensure that all contact information and insurance information is exchanged between parties.

  • Go Get a Medical Check-Up

You might not think that you’ve been injured thanks to this accident, but many injuries might not be visible to your naked eye. You should go and have a medical check-up with your doctor to see what kinds of injuries you might have. This is crucial to do if you want to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver of the other car for the injuries you sustained.

  • Keep All of The Paperwork

Make sure that you keep a file of all of the paperwork involved in the incident. This includes a copy of the police report, any medical documents, medical bills, and the other driver’s information. When you have this documentation in hand, it’s going to help you make your legal case for personal injury with your accident attorney.

  • Seek Legal Advice ASAP

And lastly, once you have sustained a personal injury thanks to the recklessness of someone else, you should seek out the help of a personal injury lawyer ASAP. It’s best to have an expert on your side so that you can get the compensation that you deserve for this accident.

Make sure to take all of these steps once you have found yourself in a car accident. This is going to ensure that you’re ready for the legal battle ahead of you and have all of the information required.