Transportation Options for Your Wedding

Posted in June 20th, 2016
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Your wedding should be unique and represent your personalities. A limo isn’t the option choice to get you to the chapel and the after party. Whether you want to take the whole party or an escape for two, there are many ways to get a catch a ride. Find a transportation option that is everything you dreamed.


Fairy Tale Wedding
For the ultimate fairy tale wedding, the prince and princess need a horse drawn carriage to take them to their reception. Typically, a carriage will fit two to six people, so you are able to bring your closest companions. To make it a royal procession, rent more than one carriage to take your entire wedding party on a divine ride through town.

Adventure Lovers
If you are a couple that loves thrills, there are specialty cars available that will make a shocking statement.

Sports Cars – Why not rent a luxury sports car, such as a Lamborghini Gallardo? This will wow your guests and send your heart racing as you speed off from the chapel. They do tend to ride low, so exiting can be complicated.

Speedboats – If the wedding is located near a boat of water, a fun option is to leave on a speedboat. This requires some knowledge on how to drive a boat, otherwise the sendoff won’t be as exciting. If you want to take your whole wedding party, a yacht can fit a large number of people. Start your party early on the water.

Helicopter – For a memorable exit or entrance, a helicopter can ride three to six passengers. This will give some amazing photograph opportunities. Check local laws and there has to be room for the helicopter to land. This would be a once in a lifetime chance!

Party Animals
Some couples want the party to start as soon as they leave the chapel, and they want all of their closest friends to join in. If you don’t want to wait for the reception, a party bus can usually hold up to 40 guests. Most party buses come with lights, a working bar and music. It’s the perfect way to get the party hopping.

Guest Options
Hiring a shuttle to take the guests to and from the reception. This is becoming a popular option; couples like to leave specialized gifts for all of their guests on the seats. While the two most common choices are a charter bus or a shuttle, a trolley can make an impression. Weather permitting, a vintage trolley is unique and provides wonderful photo opportunities. Trolleys are slow, so only pick this option if the ride isn’t too far.

Transportation Tips
Whether you pick one of the unique options or select the classic limo, there are still some basic tips you should consider when selecting and booking your transportation choice.

  • Book with the company at least six months in advance. This is especially important if your wedding is during prom season! In those cases, it’s a great to book 9 months or more in advance.
  • If there are a lot of out of town guests, it is a great gesture to give them a ride from the hotel to the wedding and back. Chances are, they will greatly appreciate the help. This will work very well if you have them all book at the same hotel for a discounted rate.
  • Book in person. Look at all the options because online pictures can be deceiving. No one likes to book something and find out it isn’t what they expected on the day of their wedding.
  • Specify your wishes. Let them know what champagne you would like, the music you like and the theme you like. These companies aim to please and customers expect a luxurious experience.
  • Add extra time to the trips. Accidents or traffic can throw a wrench in your plans and no one wants to be late to their own reception. If you add some additional time to the itinerary, you have less of a chance to be stressed at your own wedding.