The 3 Best Spring Road Trips in the USA

Posted in March 31st, 2016
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Spring is a time of renewal, and what makes life feel new again more than a road trip? The open road promises excitement, new sites and panoramic vistas. Here are our picks for the three best spring road trips in the United States:

Arcadia National Park

Maine’s Arcadia National Park is legendary for its rolling hills and majestic trees — and for Jordan Pond, with its crystal-clear water and breathtaking scenery. Take your binoculars with you, as many bald eagles and peregrine falcons nest in this area in the spring months. The small towns in this area offer an assortment of handmade knickknacks and delicious artisan ice cream. If you’re up for a hike, climb Arcadia’s Cadillac Mountain for a view of the Atlantic Ocean sprawled out beneath you. Finally, stop in at Jordan Pond House before you leave the area. It opens this year on May 18.

The Gold Cost

The Gold Cost may not be where you might think: Michigan. On the banks of Lake Michigan are stretches of endless beach; the Great Lakes stretch out before you like an ocean, with no land in sight. While the Gold Cost is most popular in late summer when the water is warmest, you can beat the crowds of these beautiful beaches in the spring.

From New Buffalo, the Midwest’s surf hub, you’ll travel almost 500 miles north to Mackinac Island, which is accessible only by ferry. However, on the way stop at farm stands for fresh produce and pie, given the time of year, and pop your head into the New Holland Brewing Company Pub for a taste of their famous Dragon’s Milk Stout.

Once you’re on Mackinac Island, consider staying at one of the many beautiful B&Bs there. Make sure you have a reliable GPS so you don’t get lost, and get a tuneup for your car before you go. If your tires are worn or old, you might need replacements to help you navigate the tough terrain.

An Avenue of Giants

The West Coast has a vast collection of road trips that will leave you breathless. However, the section of U.S. 101 that takes you from Astoria, Oregon, across the state boarder to California and down through the Avenue of Giants (Redwood country) is among the most scenic drives in the world.

Edge along the Pacific Ocean and stop at the likes of Cannon Beach, Lincoln City and Brookings, on the Oregon coast, for deserted beaches and vivid sunsets. In the spring you’ll miss much of the summer rush, as U.S. 101 becomes traffic sodden in the busy months of summer. Once you leave Oregon you’ll find yourself on roads that skirt through beautiful Californian forests filled with Redwood old growth. Make sure you stop at some turn outs and hike the trails while in the Redwoods, as there are oftentimes beautiful parts of the forest you can miss due to a lack of signs.