Increase Your Car’s Value With These Simple Fixes

Posted in July 24th, 2015
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Car repairsWhen it is time to sell your car, you don’t want to be cheated out of a fair deal. However, buyers can use any number of nit-picky things to try and shave dollars off your asking price. Don’t let anyone talk you down from what you deserve by implementing some of these simple fixes:


It’s easy to vacuum the carpet and buff out the dash with some Armor All wipes. If the seats are beat, ripped or stained from years of wear and spilled coffee, seat covers can make your car look brand new. If the floor mats are worn through and tattered, a new pair run at about $30. All of these are inexpensive, quick fixes you can employ to land a buyer willing to pay your asking price. If the floors are especially dirty, rent a carpet shampooer to increase you car’s resale value.


If the interior of your car is in tip-top shape but your paint job looks faded or dirty, this can be a bargaining chip for potential buyers. A professional car wash has the tools you need to make your car shine. If that isn’t enough, a good wax job can make the old paint look new again. However, if the paint is flaking or in need of true repair, only a new paint job suffices.

If you have any dents or scratches on your car, you may be faced with a visit to a body shop. While this can be more expensive, it ultimately increases the resale value of your car.


Tires can be expensive and a crucial bargaining tactic for prospective buyers. If your car has worn tires, a buyer can insist on lowering your asking price between $300 and $700. To avoid such a markdown, purchase new, high-performance tires, such as BF Goodrich tires. These have a historical track record to prove their reliability.


A record of tune ups, oil changes and other completed automotive work gives you a foot up on any buyer. If you don’t know the history of your car, it’s difficult to demand a high price for it. However, a detailed record of maintenance shows how well you’ve taken care of your car. You can even use a service like myCARFAX to keep track of everything. Replaced engine belts, inspected brakes, new spark plugs and regular oil changes can all increase the resale value of your car.


If your windshield or any other windows in your car have chips, cracks or scratches, it’s finally time to get those replaced. Not only does a small crack impact the look of your car, but it can spread and become a safety hazard if it impairs the vision of the driver. A potential buyer can use even the smallest cracks and chips in a window to lower the price. The cost of repairing a windshield is commonly less than how much buyers mentally subtract from the value of the car.