Quad Bike Moving Tips and Guidelines

Posted in January 27th, 2015
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If you have an all-terrain vehicle and you need to move to a new home, then moving it will take a bit of preparation and extra work to complete. This is true about long-distance moving for the most part. After all, the last thing you want to do is have to deal with your movers in the last minute before the rest of your belongings need to go. You would do well to look for a vehicle moving company that focuses on such vehicles and can move motorcycles and ATVs, also known as quad bikes. There are a few things you need to consider:

Should you transport the quad bike alone?
If you have a trailer or you want to rent one, then you can tow the bike behind your vehicle to its new destination. You need to have a vehicle with a towing package capable of hauling this type of load however. You would still do well to acquire the services of a company that deals with moving vehicles above all, since this will let you deal with things on a p[professional level.

• Can you track your shipment?
In most cases movers will provide you with a shipment tracking number that will allow you to know where your quad bike is at any given moment. In some cases they may even end up sending you text updates for your convenience.

• Do you need to empty the fluids of your quad bike?
You may think that the gas and oil of the quad bike needs to be emptied during the moving process, but that will almost never be the case. For the most part this type of vehicle is shipped in a ready state.

• How secure are quad bikes in transit?
In most cases a truck will likely be hauling several vehicles so you will likely want to know how they are secured inside it. They will be secured inside the vehicle with a specific bases and ties in all cases, so you will not need to worry about their safety.

• What will happen if the truck breaks down?
After all accidents happen, right? Well you won’t need to worry about that either, since companies may slow the delivery down until they figure it out, but your vehicle will be loaded on another truck if bad comes to worse.

• Contacting companies
You would do well to contact several companies in case you need to find a certain range of prices and services rendered. This will take time, but you can check reviews and ratings from websites online for more information. Check for possible insurance options you can work with as well so you can get better coverage in case of incidents and take photos of your quad bike from all angles before you move it. http://manwithvankingston.org.uk/