Easy Car Shipping Guidelines

Posted in June 6th, 2014
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Easy Car Shipping GuidelinesPossessing a vehicle and moving far away means you will either need to drive said vehicle or shipping it to its destination. Professional car shipping companies specialize in providing a service in the safest and most effective way possible so you won’t have to let your vehicle suffer mechanical wearing out. You can save yourself the headaches of driving a vehicle across the country or countries with utilizing such services. Before you can do that however you will need to do a round of preparations so things can work out smoothly:

• Begin by inspecting your vehicle carefully for damage of any kind before you decide to call a car shipping company. If you happened to buy the vehicle in a second-hand dealership, then you may need to check for possible deterioration of its mechanical elements and exterior. You should keep any documentation concerning such issues on hand so it will verify its condition before it was given to the company. Keep the records for your own convenience, you might need them later down the line.

• Another thing that has to be done is to rid the vehicle of your personal possessions. They may end up missing or damaged during transport, so they really have no place in the vehicle. Company policies will protect the vehicle itself, but not your personal belongings inside. You would do well to clear them, instead of leaving them inside. You can also remove electronic devices such as GPS, radios and DVD players. Any personal documents and other similar items should also not be present there at the time of its shipping.

• You should make sure the vehicle is well-maintained before you ship it. You will need to ensure the tires are inflated just right so they won’t create problems when the car is moved in the terminals of the shipping company. The car battery will also need some maintenance, charging it if you must. Check the different fluids of your vehicle as well, making sure it has the right levels of oil and about a third of its gas tank full. After all, there is no need to pay for moving a full tank when you won’t be driving the car. Check for small nicks and scratches as cosmetic damage or mechanical issues that need fixing, such as leaks and faulty parts.

• There are also a few small things that will need doing as well, since ignoring them could end up either breaking something on your car. We’re talking about your antenna, the mirrors and any other items which were not part of the original look of your vehicle – fog lights, spoilers and other items of that kind. All in all you will have to check out everything and make sure things are secure for transport. Turn off the alarm system, empty the trunk apart from the things it came from, clean up the vehicle and you’ll be done in getting it ready for the road.