condominium storageLiving in a condominium is a great option with the premium amenities and services condo life can provide. Condo owners enjoy such perks as swimming pool areas, tennis courts and fitness centers on-site. With such amenities, condo owners have everything they need just steps from the front door. However, with condo living, there are some drawbacks, including storage. A condo may not have enough space for you to place all of your belongings, so you may need extra storage space. It is important to learn how to find the best condominium storage service on a budget so you can keep your items secure without breaking the bank. Below are a few tips to find storage for your needs.

Evaluate your needs

First you will need to evaluate your storage needs. Do you need a small storage space for a winter wardrobe or furniture pieces? Do you travel and need storage space for skis, a wave runner or other outdoor items? Perhaps you have an RV and are in need of RV storage? It is important to determine what kind of storage you need before searching for budget storage service. By evaluating your needs, you will know exactly what you are looking for!

Speak with the Condo

You may find the condo facility offers a storage space or they are connected to a nearby storage facility. This may allow you to receive service without having to pay a large sum of money. Speak with the condo representatives to determine if this is an option you have available.

Pay Yearly

If you do find a storage space in your area, see if you can pay yearly instead of monthly. By paying on a yearly basis you may be able to spend even less, saving money on your storage needs. In most cases, storage facilities will allow you to pay a year in advance to get the most for your budget.

Consider scaling back

If you find that you need a large storage space that you just cannot afford, and then look at scaling back your items. By having a yard sale or getting rid of unwanted junk, you may be able to rent a smaller storage space to pay even less than you imagined. This is a great way to save money on your items. Continue to clean out your storage space on a regular basis to continue to scale back to smaller facilities.

Ask About a Discount

Perhaps you are a military veteran or a teacher. Always ask a storage facility if they offer any type of discounts. You never if your job will allow you to be able to take advantage of discounts, so always ask! The worst the facility can say is no and you may end up saving even more money than you can imagine!

Consider indoor storage

If you have empty space in your condo, consider storing some of your items indoors. You can add storage baskets under the beds of the home and inside closets. By doing so, you can eliminate the need for a large storage space or a storage facility at all. This will help you avoid the fee for storing your unused items.

Consider Teaming Up with Friends

Maybe you have a friend who needs to store items as well? By partnering with a friend, you can cut your storage bill in half. This is a great way to save money but be sure to only work with a friend who is reliable. You want to be sure the payment will be made on time each month so you still have access to your items.