Guide to Finding High Quality Low Price Car Deals

Posted in May 20th, 2014
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stockvault-sports-car134138It never feels good to know you spent more money than you had to on an expensive purchase. Not being prepared when buying a car is one of the priciest mistakes you can make. The unfortunate truth is that, as the car sits in your driveway, you will be reminded of your costly error. Buying a car can be a daunting experience. It is hard to be sure you are getting a good deal. There’s no magic formula that guarantees you the best deal on a car, but here are some steps you can take to save yourself some money the next time you buy one.

Be an Informed Buyer

Before you walk into an automobile outlet, it helps to know what precisely you are looking for. Factors to consider when deciding on a car include fuel consumption, maintenance cost, passenger capacity, price range, passenger capacity, and vehicle size. Knowing exactly what you want makes it less likely that the salesman can talk you into adding on unnecessary features that jack up the price.

Do deep research on various websites. Consult car savvy friends . Read several reviews for multiple perspectives. Being prepared allows you to speak to the dealership with confidence and helps you get a better gauge on whether you are getting a fair deal.

Consider Shopping at an Appropriate Time

One of the best times to buy a car is when the new models are about to be released. The dealerships are more eager to sell the older model automobiles to clear inventory space. This usually happens around September or October.

Another good time is during the holiday season in December. Many dealerships try to take advantage of the shopping crazed mentality of holidays to announce special offers to attract eager shoppers. Keep an eye open on the local car dealer commercials immediately before Christmas and right after the holidays.

Search for a Car with Low Sales Rates

Demand for cars fluctuate depending various factors such as the economic climate. This means there are cars that have not been sold even though they are very solid models. Dealers may be willing to lower to their prices in consideration these external forces.

First, you need to do research. Take a keen look at the car reviews; keep your eye on the sales figures for the cars that have good reviews. If you find a well-regarded car with lagging sales, you may have a great deal on your hands. The dealer might be eager and relieved to make a sale and give you a the car at a bargain price as a result.

Try Government Auctions

Most of the cars at auctions are used. Don’t let the used status scare you, many of them are almost as good as new. Cars are confiscated from their previous owners for many reasons. It’s cheaper for the government to auction them off than store them. This means you have yet another chance to get a solid automobile at a discount price

Naming the Right Price

The internet is the supreme resource for auto deals and acquisitions. Potential buyers can find retail values, trade-in deals, and private party in a wink. Consider some of the prevalent car deal sites: NADA, Edmunds, and Kelly Blue Book that demand to be the right-hand establishments on auto deals. However, price differences can range from site to site. For example, NADA may retail a car at a whopping $16,996 and the Kelly Blue Book at $15,800 and the Edmunds prices it at a staggering $17,456. These are all retail prices, with an assumption that the vehicles are in a stable state.

This is a caveat for any car buyer out there when they are researching the web for great car deals. The websites should only be a guide, or else you will end up in a financial crisis. Another thing, avoid the topmost values and be genuine, be supple regarding the bottommost. At all times remain anywhere in the middle to get a reasonable deal as well a great and effectual automobile. Make use of the prevalent internet resources, but not at any instance trail these leads heedlessly.

Never Hurry to Seal the Deal

Many dealers take advantage of impatient and absent minded customers. If you come across a pushy salesman, do not hesitate to ask for someone else. It can also be wise to make sure to emphasize your objectives as a consumer and not let them impose services or goods on you. Your goal is to prevent the salesperson from utilizing their default sales strategy. Through experience, most dealers have very convincing sales strategy which may persuade you to make an unwanted purchase. By asking predetermined questions you already know the answers to, you keep the salesman working with you rather than on you.

Ask the dealer how much they would charge for a newer or older model. Find out how much the car would be worth after driving it for 10,000 more miles. Inquire about a comparable model or make.  The car might be good on the exterior but broken inside. It is also wise to take a test drive. It ascertains you that the deal is good and the vehicle is convenient.

Always take your time to ensure you do not fall victim to any devious sale tactics. It is often reported that buyers who were unsatisfied with their purchases unknowingly signed documents without carefully reading them. Particularly unscrupulous salesman will have customers sign expensive and often useless warranties without the customer’s knowledge.

Buying a car is a thrilling experience that can lead to a very satisfying purchase. When you find a car that fits your needs and your budget, there’s no end to the joy you feel when driving it for the first time. There’s also a sense of pride and accomplishment when you properly prepare for the buying process and leave the dealership with a great deal.

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This article was written by Rick Balkan, a veteran car dealer of 30 years. For the past 10 years he has operated mainly online through his site, You can find cars from over 300 car dealerships at special low prices.