Choosing a Car Shipping Agency

Posted in May 27th, 2014
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Choosing a Car Shipping AgencyWhen you’re moving at nearby distances you know you won’t have any problems and you’ll most likely be able to drive your car to your new home, however when the distance grows this becomes an entirely different deal altogether. You will be too tired to deal with driving for hundreds and hundreds of miles, therefore one of the best ways to deal with this situation is to simply fly to your new destination, leaving your vehicle in the hands of the auto transport company experts, also know as car shipping agents. There are some things you need to keep in mind when you’re hiring a professional like that however and we’ll do our best to point out what you should be on the lookout for.

1. Obtaining quotes
This is a crucial part of the whole ordeal as you will need to be aware of what the market is all about at this given moment. Contacting several companies will help you understand what the most competitive prices are out there and that way you will get a much better deal.

2. Don’t always go for the lowest price
Make sure you are aware that this doesn’t really mean you’re getting the deal of your life. Some companies might use this as a way of luring more customers, however their services might be downright awful.

3. Research, research, research
Keep that in mind and make sure you are aware of the reputation of the given company by either doing some online research or by talking to someone among your friends who might have used their services. This will give you a much better understanding on what the company is all about. Review any relevant information you can discern from reviews, forums and any quotes, terms and conditions and the like you’ll be able to find online. Before you sign anything you must make sure you will get everything you’re promised on paper as part of the contract so you’ll avoid any hidden costs and expenses.

4. Make your move
Contact the company you have chosen and get them to provide you with the contract in question. Read everything twice before signing anything – it may appear annoying to some, but this is simply a security measure. Keep in mind that even your electronic signature serves as a binding move even online. Don’t be afraid to share the prices of other companies, with luck you may even get a better offer depending on how you play your cards.

5. Preparing the vehicle
Make sure you remove all personal possessions from your vehicle and also you should empty the tank to as much as only a quarter of it is full. Doing so will lower the price for moving your vehicle and since you won’t be driving it all the way than this means you’ll be able to fill it up in no time. Also make sure the vehicle is inspected by both you and the carrier before you give it over to them. Keep a copy of the inspection report for your records as a paper trail in case something goes wrong.