Things to Be Considered before Importing Bike

Posted in October 1st, 2013
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We are going to highlight several important aspects regarding bike or car importing. You should follow the guideline carefully for getting good result. While you are considering car importing or thinking how to import a motorbike, you will have to keep a few important things in mind. We will also provide you information on boat importer. Listed below are the considerations that you must make before you import your vehicle. So, you need to have a close look on that article.

1.       Go Online

Online purchases are often risky businesses. This is because there are several websites which come with misleading images and descriptions. However, if it is a reputable website that you are talking about, you will get good quality pictures, and photos can be viewed in 360 degree rotation. You will surely not like to be harassed by nasty surprises and thus to avoid them do your research about the companies beforehand. Commit on the purchase only when you are satisfied with the feedback you have received. But unless you go online, you won’t be able to familiar with the entire procedure. There is no doubt that motorbike import has become a common phenomenon.

2.       Honesty

When a purchase is made from a particular dealership, a kind of qualitative superiority is expected for the brand name. Thus, if you are buying a cheap vehicle from a company, which doesn’t have a good name in the market, your purchase will be branded unreliable. For example, reputed scooter sellers operating over the internet, have invested quite a large sum of money in importing only those vehicles which have the best 125cc from several places across the globe. Thus if you chose a reputable dealer, there will be little problem with the trustworthiness.

3.       Maintenance

Your imported motorbike or car might not be taken care of by the bike shops in your vicinity, in case there is any damage. Thus while buying the vehicle, ask the seller about the local repairmen. You need to be very careful on that point.

4.       Excellence

If you are buying a model that comes cheap at cost, you must remember that they are made overseas with cheaper materials and labor costs. Also, while the big brands spend too much on marketing, the cheaper brands don’t spend as much and can pass on the savings to the customers. So, you need to keep this in your mind.

5.       The Parts

Accidents are often faced by cars and motorbikes and once something like that happen, you will have to get the damaged parts repaired. Now if the purchase have been made from a foreign-based importer, finding a quick replacement for parts like the wing mirror will be tough. You can thus go for making online purchases. However while you do so, ensure that replacement parts are available in their stock. Otherwise you will get into difficulty.

6.       Registering the Vehicle

Registration packs are offered by several online stores, which help you to get the vehicle registered with the concerned authoritative body, when it arrives. Though the registration procedure will take some time, yet it is good for you because it would legally ensure that you are riding a brand new vehicle. Moreover, it is always wiser to drive a preregistered vehicle. So, you should choose the company that offers free online registration. This is one of the most important things that you should keep in mind.

7.     Assembly

Courier services will be delivering a number of 125cc scooters and bikes. Therefore since your bike will also be coming in such a huge lot, it is wise to get the vehicle checked during the time of delivery for any scratch or damage that might have happened. Anyone can reassemble these parts on his own.

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