5 International Car Shipping Tips

Posted in October 1st, 2013
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international-shippingYou’ve packed up your clothes, hired piano movers, and carefully wrapped all of your dishes. Every part of your move is just about complete, but what are you going to do about your car? With its four wheels and engine, the car is a pretty mobile belonging, and often we don’t even think about it when we’re planning to move. However, your cars can’t move themselves, and those precious belongings cannot be carefully packed into a box next to your dishes. For your cars, you’ll have to endeavor into the world of car shipping and auto transport to ensure that your car completes the move as successfully as you do.

Moving is a complicated process, and moving your car is no exception to this rule. Most likely your experience with car shipping is limited, so before you move your car, here are some important tips for how to get your car to the next location safely.

1)  Know These Important Facts

When it comes to shopping for auto transporters, knowing a few details will help you find exactly what you need. The type and price of car shipping varies based on several key factors including 1) your car make and model, 2) distance of transport, 3) vehicle’s condition (running or not), 4) dates of travel, and 5) location of pickup and drop-off.

If you are transporting a expensive, foreign, or antique car, you will want to consider an enclosed or single level car carrier. These carriers will offer more protection for your car from the elements and from proximity to other cars. If not, you may want to choose a mutli-level car carrier, which will drop the price. If your dates are more flexible, you may be able to pick a less expensive option for the shipment of the car. Additionally, if you are in a rural area, you may be able to plan ahead and drop off the car and pick it up again at a more central location. This will also cut down on the price. However, if you need the car delivered directly to you, you will want to select a transporter who does door-to-door deliveries.

2) Shop Around

After you know your facts, use those to find several different auto transport companies that offer what you need. Ask each company for a quote for their services. You can use these quotes to compare these companies and make an educated choice. Make sure to ask for these quotes in paper so you can check for any hidden fees and ensure that it covers every service. This will prevent the auto transporters from slipping extra charges in for something you thought you were already paying for.

drivers-license3) Check Their Credentials

While there are plenty of legitimate car shipping businesses, there are also those who are simply out to make some quick cash. There are some simple ways to avoid being scammed. First of all, check out the Department of Transport (DOT) website to see if the shipping company is registered them. If you are shipping overseas, then you should check the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), this will ensure that they have a current bond and shipping license. Companies without these credentials have no legal right to ship your car, and you should avoid them.

Check to ensure that the shipping company has current cargo insurance that covers the entire value of your car. You don’t want to be caught with a shipping company who cannot pay for damage done to your car.

Speak directly with the company and call into customer service. The availability of the company before you ship your car is a good indicator of how well the company will respond if your car goes missing or is damaged. If they are evasive or hard to get a hold of, avoid using the company since they will most likely be difficult to contact if anything goes wrong.

Check out sites that over reviews of shipping companies. Customer reviews often offer the most accurate portrayal of a company’s services. Read several patrons reviews and compare multiple companies before making any decisions.

4) Prep Your Car

Before you ship your vehicle, you should take a few precautions. First of all, remove all of your personal belongings from your car. Most shipping companies will not insure any personal belongings in the car. Next photograph your car’s current condition from a variety of angles. If you can, document the car’s condition with the shipping company. This will provide you with more evidence if your car is somehow damaged in the transport. Finally, many shipping companies require cars to have charged batteries and inflated tires. Make sure your car meets all these regulations to avoid any additional charges.

drive-into-the-distance5) Do Your Research

Regardless of the shipping company, it’s important that you know the regulations of your moving destination.  Check vehicle restriction on cars and shipping, educate yourself about registration and fees, and ensure that your license will be valid in this new location.  These are easy details to forget, but knowing these will help prevent you shipping a car that you cannot even use in your new location.

Moving can be a complicated process as you pick up your life and transport it to an entirely new location. But if you do your research and prepare properly, shipping your car does not have to add to the moving complications. Instead, when you arrive in your new location, your car can be there, ready and waiting for you to explore your new world.

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