Ray LaHood Takes Jobs Plan On The Road

Posted in November 7th, 2011
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Ever since delivering the speech outlining his new jobs plan, President Obama and senior members of his administration have been on the road promoting various parts of it. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood traveled to Pennsylvania this week, bringing the message of infrastructure investments to the people of Philadelphia.

In total, Obama’s Jobs Act has 50 billion dollars provisioned for infrastructure projects across the country; out of that number, $1.4 billion will go towards shoring up infrastructure in Pennsylvania alone.

An efficient, well-maintained infrastructure is the lifeblood of business, and the Jobs Act aims to achieve the twin goals of shoring up decaying national infrastructure and providing jobs for construction workers, who have been hit particularly hard by the downturn in the housing market. Better road conditions will have benefits to businesses, by making it less likely for an auto transporter to bust an axle on a pothole, for instance.


In related transport news, new facilities in Canada that can extract and process shale oil will make it even more important to set up an efficient network to get the estimated 700,000 barrels of crude petroleum per day to refineries in Texas, where it can be turned into gasoline and consumer products. The extra work will be a welcome boon to the TX auto transportation industry.

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