Happy New Year!

Posted in December 30th, 2010
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Well, we made it through another crisis-bound, shrill, divisive, teeth-gnasher of a year. One more year of teetering on the brink of a cliff, while somehow hanging on with our feet in the air. Another year when seemingly none of our friends were doing well.
This is precisely why let’s uncork the champagne and toast each other for doing as well as we have. Let’s toast our employers for keeping the leaky boats afloat and solvent. Toast our families and friends for hanging together and making do. Raise the glass to cops and teachers who, underpaid and underfed, are holding our communities together. Finally, let’s not forget the recent college graduates who, lacking opportunities for jobs, are creating their own.
Happy 2011 to all our clients, friends, coworkers and family members. If every one of us holds up their corner, everything’s going to work out.