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Universal Auto Transporters isn't hiring at the moment although there are many opportunities out there. Those who are in search of truck driving jobs might consider applying for positions driving flatbeds, vans, or working as part of a driving team. There are also operator jobs, company driver jobs, over the road trucking jobs, and reefer truck jobs to be found. Taking the time to perform a proper search ensures that job seekers are able to find the perfect career to suit their income requirements and lifestyle. The annual mean wage for a truck driver was $43,360 as of May 2014 with an hourly mean wage of $20.76.

auto transport service jobsUniversal loves to help its customers with perfect quotes for their perfectly beautiful vehicles, so if you love to drive and help people with the transportation of their vehicles then be dedicated and you'll find an area in that field open to you. There are various jobs available in truck driving and Universal feels that the drivers with the companies they deal with are some of the best.

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Did you know that there are over 10,000 registered auto transport carriers in the United States? Our auto transport job is to select just the right one for your shipment!

Transporting vehicles is a different ballgame than transporting other items. Your rig is likely to have just a few vehicles or even only one in it. That vehicle is usually valuable and can be tricky to get to one place within the arranged time frame. Vehicles are mostly transported to an owner's front door so you may be negotiating a few twisty roads and steep hills. The smile on that person's face when you show up at the door is worth any possible trouble. Office staffing in the trucking industry may appeal to you. Attention to detail is important in this area, too.

Universal has a great office staff who are computer whizzes and they do their very best to get customers quotes on auto transport as quickly as humanly (and computer) possible! Helping customers save money and have peace of mind and just picturing the smile on their faces when the vehicle arrives "home", keeps them hard at their keyboards sending out quotes to customers making enquiries, and finding the best possible deal they can.

Who doesn't need to save money these days? Saving money on auto transport with a great quote or two, is a wonderful feeling for clients. They can use the extra bucks to buy a new clutch for that old car!

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