Car shipping is an extremely useful way of getting a vehicle from one place to another safely. It’s often used when a new car is purchased or when you need to move more than one car from one state to another. And while it’s true that almost all interstate car transport companies serve the same purpose, like in most industries, there will always be a variance in the quality of their services and the price they charge.

And while most companies do their job well, you wouldn’t want to be the unlucky one who gets the short end of the stick by ending up with a company that provides substandard services. After all, you don’t just waste time and money by doing so, you could also risk damaging your car in the process. So, what exactly are the mistakes that you should avoid if you plan on having your car shipped?

Neglecting To Do Your Research On The Shipping Company

As with most service providers, you need to do your research on the car shipping company you intend to work with. Make sure that the company that you plan on dealing with is registered with the Department of Transport as well as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. As a general rule, you should never deal with a company that isn’t registered with these departments. These registrations ensure that a company is trustworthy and capable enough to provide these services. Any form of malpractice is bound to increase the likelihood of accidents. And should these accidents happen, you’re going to need professionals like the lawyers at the Serious Injury Law Group to assist you.

Not Ensuring That Your Documents Are Complete

If you wish to have a relatively stress-free transaction, you have to make sure that you have the necessary documents required before the company you select moves your car for you. These documents are usually your certificate of insurance and vehicle registration. They are proof that your vehicle is truly yours and that you are legally allowed to have it shipped. Not having these documents ready is a waste of time.

Paying Too Much

A common error that happens with most transactions is when a buyer fails to ascertain the exact costs of the transaction as well as what the exact services are. Many transactions have hidden costs and it’s up to the buyer to know what these costs are. Lower prices aren’t necessarily always better. In most cases, this means that the shipping company may be shipping your car at their convenience. If you want a more specific date of delivery, you’re going to have to pay more.

Foregoing Insurance Coverage

All interstate car transport companies are required to provide the necessary insurance to cover your vehicle in case any damage to your vehicle is sustained during the move. However, it’s important to know what your insurance type covers, and if necessary, you may need to increase your coverage.  Alternately, you could also have your broker handle your insurance for you. Ensuring that the insurance covers the value of your car is paramount so that you don’t lose your car or at least, if you do, you’re entitled to an amount that is of equal value.