Important Questions to Ask Your Ford Dealer

Posted in January 14th, 2019
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Owning a car is the goal of many young professionals today. And we really can’t blame them. Buying that first car is a traditional life milestone, probably because of the fact that cars inherently cost a fortune, and owning one necessitates a certain level of financial success or stability.

Now, if you are one of those people whose pockets are ready, and you happen to have an eye on a Ford model, then there are important questions that you should ask your dealer before you decide on buying. We present some of the most important ones here.

Is this model environmentally friendly?

Environmental awareness is very in today. Many people are now becoming more and more conscious about the impact that they have on nature. Some of them discourage–or even stop altogether–the use of plastic straws because they usually end up clogging drains or polluting seas. Some of them go solar so as to lessen their consumption of fossil fuels.

The car industry is also catching up, and there are now a handful of companies that produce electric cars or hybrid ones. Although Ford is not on that page yet, the company is still very much on the forefront in producing technologies that enhance engine performance, leading to a reduction in both fuel consumption and production of greenhouse gases. One of such technologies is the EcoBoost engine, which many of the new models have. Don’t forget to ask your Ford dealer about this one, and let that be your little contribution to environmental preservation and protection.

How safe is this model?

One thing that you should not forget when assessing car models is the safety features incorporated in it. Cars are required to have seat belts and air bags. These features help mitigate the dire effects of accident if ever you get involved in one. But are there features that actually help prevent accidents from happening?

As far as Ford models are concerned, there are several. A good example is the Blind Spot Information System or the BLIS, which is an automated system that is programmed to alert the driver whenever there is a vehicle or a physical hazard in the driver’s blind spot. This effectively prevents collisions and crashes. Another good example is the AdvanceTrac with RSC, which helps the driver maintain control over the vehicle to effectively prevent rollovers.

How fun is it to drive in this model?

While owning a good car is in itself a reason to celebrate, the vehicle still has to have features that will keep you entertained. Ford models, especially the more recent ones, are equipped with the Sync 3, which is a hands-free technology that allows you to search for songs easily using a voice recognition mechanism. This amazing technology allows you to have fun without having to compromise your safety.

When buying your first car, nothing should be left to chance. You really have to learn to ask the right questions to ensure your satisfaction as a paying customer. The ones discussed here are surely not the only ones that matter, but you can already use them to start the right conversation.