A Guide to Choose the Best CPC Course

Posted in September 7th, 2018
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If you wish to keep your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, you will need to train for thirty-five hours over a span of five years. If you have any idea at all about the system, you know perfectly well it isn’t a choice. Most people do it the normal way, that is, to schedule the trainings in bits over the entire allotted span of time, but some still manage to rush in the end, which, as it turns out, may not be convenient at all. If you’re planning to get your slot in summer, we have to disappoint you – a lot of other people are thinking about the summers too. This is why the probability of getting a Driver CPC training course at that time might get difficult. To help you stay on the road, we’ve got together some really great tips that you could use to ultimately receive your CPC without too much of a hassle.

Hone Your Skills

If a certain course is cheap or easy to access, selecting it naturally may not be the best way to put your time and money to use. Courses that are taken over and over again become easy to pass and might be completed faster, but the other aspects – such as focusing on the enhancement of skills, matter a lot. In this context, some courses, like fuel efficiency training or medical first aid response training may work in your favor if repeated. You should make it a point to enquire before embarking upon any training course. If you’re around the Scottish Lowlands, we’ll make your work a tad bit easier. Look for Driver CPC Training in West Lothian here. If you’re not around here in Scotland, you can always use the official search tool on this link.


Do take a very close look at this. Not all CPC course are approved of. If you do end up opting for a course and then discover later that it isn’t approved, you may have to pay the price, both in terms of pounds as well as time. You should also be able to monitor the amount of traning you have done, at least if you’re a professional driver. Register with GOV.UK and calculate your hours. Ensure that your record is maintained, error free and up to date. This helps smoothen out the process for you. We’d recommend that you try out courses of varying types that allow you to command various aspects in heavy vehicle driving. Some courses on emergency situations can definitely come to your aid, irrespective of the type of vehicle you wish to drive. After

The Customer First Policy
Customer care trainings are enlisted as part of your Driver CPC periodic training. If you wish to drive a bus, a disability awareness training is part of your compulsory requirement. A course on how to be nice to your customer will certainly turn out to be a credit in your favor and help you be part of the best in your field. Such trainings also earn you credit and act as a bonus to your qualifications.

The Driver CPC is meant to make the roads safer for all of us. It instills ethics in the profession of driving, educating and training professionals to act and react when the need to do so arises. Most people consider this as just another official compulsion, acting upon it as if it were a burden. However, it takes nothing more than common sense to realize how useful such trainings can be. If you are a professional driver, we encourage you to look beyond the official commitment and try to learn from the program. If you run a delivery business or transport firm, we urge that you encourage your drivers to lay emphasis on the need to be trained and equipped for all sorts of situations and problems – for our collective safety.