Six Reasons Why Buying A Motorcycle is A Good Idea

Posted in July 31st, 2018
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Motorcycles have existed since the 19 th century. They have been always in
fashion and liked by the sporty and adventurous people. There are a few
people who are always doubtful regarding the purchase of a motorcycle. Some
say it is not safe and some don’t find it pleasing enough. Some even fear riding
or learning it. While there are a bunch of reasons ranging from aesthetically
pleasing to financially better that will convince you to buy a motorcycle, here
are the top six reasons to buy a motorcycle.

1. Fuel Efficiency
The prices of the fuel and our constant struggle for it have always been on the
rise. While the price of the fuel shows no mercy to us, we can always opt for a
better choice. Motorcycles use less fuel than cars and give us mileage as much
as a car, if not better. This puts a lesser strain on having a vehicle and travelling
anywhere. You no longer worry or think twice about going somewhere.

2. Less Expensive Than Cars

Owning a car has always been a matter of status and privilege. People spend
their entire saving on purchasing a car because nobody likes to depend on taxis
or others for transportation. Having your own vehicle gives you a sense of
freedom. You don’t have to wait around or ask for lift. While purchasing a car
is not in everyone’s budget, buying a motorcycle is comparatively cheaper and
gives you your own transportation. The maintenance is also easier. There are
many bikers basic that can be purchased to protect your motorcycle and

3. Better for The Environment
Motorcycles are eco-friendlier than any other means of transportation. They
emit less carbon monoxide leaving the world a little easier to breath.
Motorcycles have a lower average weight than cars. They put less stress on the
roads than other heavy vehicles thereby increasing the life of the roads that we
travel on. There are also fewer distractions and more concentration in a
motorcycle. This leads to better drive and fewer accidents. What’s better than
being a conscious resident of the mother earth?

4. Avoiding Traffic
Being stuck in traffic especially while you’re getting late for work or a function
takes a toll on your anger. Traffic jam also has a negative effect on your health.
You also tend to avoid going to places far away because nobody likes to be
stuck in jams for hours. In places where lane splitting is allowed, Motorcycles
can solve this problem. No more getting stuck in jams, just cut through them.

5. Parking
Everyone has gone to a place where you just don’t get to park nearby. What’s
the point of travelling by car, when you have to park a kilometre away.
Motorcycle gives you another peace of mind because you always get a place to
park. Motorcycle takes up way lesser space than cars. They can be parked in
the smallest of the space without the worry of opening the doors.

6. Thrill and Excitement

While there are plenty of people who don’t feel the thrill of riding a
motorcycle, you can’t ignore the fact that there is some excitement in riding a
motorcycle. Some say it is cool and others say that girls like it. Whatever the
reason is, motorcycles gives you a sense of excitement that can never be had in
a car. For a person who loves adventure and nature, motorcycles also give you
a better connection with the surrounding. Riding a motorcycle also reduces
your stress and keeps you in a better mood.

Buying a motorcycle is a big decision of your life. There is an investment of a
lot of money, even though it is cheaper than car. Make sure you look through a
lot of options before finalising one. Learn how and what specifications will
alter your ride and efficiency. Keeping in all the advantages you get, go buy an
adventure of a lifetime.