Prevent luxury auto theft

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Mercedes-Benz models C, E and S Class landed on the top 10 list of the most stolen luxury vehicles. Another trend: the majority of the luxury vehicles on the list are compact models. Those statistics might not sound so bad until you consider that of the 4,384 luxury vehicles stolen at the time of the National Crime Bureau’s report, 713 still remained at large.

Regardless of whether you drive a Mercedes or a Lexus, having your car stolen is devastating, especially if it’s your entire luxury car collection. Aside from a security guard posted outside of your garage, there are other effective ways to protect your luxury cars from break-ins and theft.

Install Security Cameras & Lights

Thieves thrive on working in the dark where diligent neighbors and passersby can’t see what’s happening. Install motion detector lights to turn on as someone approaches your garage or parking area. Reinforce locks and install a security camera to capture any lascivious action on video. Use a security camera system that can be accessed remotely, so you can check in on things while one vacation or at the office.

Activate Your Internal Alarms

According to Geico, professionals commit the majority of auto theft and are skilled at breaking into cars quickly. Ask your car manufacturer about systems that can emit a signal and be tracked by police in case your car is stolen. And just about any new luxury car comes with its own internal alarms and security services. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with the available options and upgrade any systems to the highest service option available.

If it’s necessary to park on the street, consider using a traditional steering clamp to lock your steering wheel into place. In the United Kingdom, police suggest such tactics to luxury car owners, especially those with keyless entry, to further protect cars from tech-savvy thieves.

Keep Your Keys in the Freezer

It may sound like puzzling advice, but putting your keys in the freezer can actually keep your car from getting stolen. Thieves are targeting high-end keyless entry cars and using signal amplifying devices to easily open car doors.

Your car’s keyless system looks for a signal from your key fob within a very short range like your hand or pocket as you approach the car. But an amplifier can extend the signal and tell your car that you and your keys are nearby, even if you’re across the street in your house. Sliding your keys in the freezer can keep the signal from being picked up to keep your car safe.

Watch Where & How You Park

Where you park can directly impact the safety of your car. While you probably wouldn’t leave your luxury car on a poorly lit street corner in a bad neighborhood, you may not think twice about leaving it in a parking garage. Choose spots near lights and security posts where car thieves can easily be spotted. Clear out any valuables that will further entice criminal activity and avoid street parking when possible. If unavoidable, turn your wheels towards the curb to make it more difficult to roll the car away.