4 Common Tools Used by Car a Locksmith

Posted in December 20th, 2015
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locksmith-carThere are a few common tools that a locksmith uses in an event of breaking into your car or unlocking the lock and letting you in. Everyone must have knowledge about these for the sole reason of knowing what is being done with your car and how. It’s important to know what tools your locksmith is using so you can make sure that you aren’t being duped, or that the locksmith won’t just leave you with some damage in your car, and still charge you for the services. All aside, if you know the tools that locksmiths use, you can also make use of them yourself in case of an emergency where you can’t easily find a locksmith. Following are a few common tools used by a car locksmith.

1.     Automobile door panel removal set

This is the most common tool used by locksmiths widely. This easy to use door panel removal set can not only be used to open the door if you’re locked out of your car, but it can also be used to fix the speakers in the car beneath the dashboard. These tools are quite efficient to use, and anyone can make use of them for whatever car troubles there are. An automobile door panel removal setcan easily be purchased from stores near you, or if you don’t find them in stores, you can easily order them online. They’re very easy to find, and aren’t that expensive either!

2.     Heavy duty automobile door panel removal set

An advanced and more efficient version of the normal automobile door panel removal set, the heavy duty panel removal set is also a common tool used by locksmiths. This is made of nylon, and is a more long-lasting and even more effective to use. You can purchase this in a store or order it online. But be sure to read the instructions, because since this is the heavy duty version, it will be a bit more complex to use than the normal one that is available for all to use. Though, once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy to make use of.

3.     Locksmith inspection lights

A locksmith inspection light is used to look into small, unseen corners of the lock to make sure the right part of it is being pried open. It’s important to use these lights to find the source in dark regions. With these lights, coming in different forms, locksmiths can easily look into areas that are normally hidden to the naked eye. If you can find these in a store nearby, they will prove most useful to you if you know how and when to use them for your car doors and locks. Sometimes they’re also useful to examine safe locks!

4.     Nylon pry-bay set

This pry bay set is made of nylon, a material that will not scratch or damage your doors while you’re inspecting it. It includes various panels for snap-in trim, and the tools are quite simple to use if you read the instructions properly. It can pry into the doors of your car in case you’re having the trouble, and it can also be used for other lock emergencies when it comes to locks. A nylon pry-bay set is essential when it comes to unlocking car doors because it is easy to use, and does not always require a locksmith at your expense. You can purchase it for cheap in a store or you can also find it online where it is now easily available.

So don’t be fooled by calling upon a locksmith every time you have a car lock trouble. With these tools and a properly equipped instruction handle, you can easily unlock doors and locks on your own without having to spend time and money in calling a locksmith. But even so, if you do get lost sometime without a lock pick set for your car, you can always call for locksmith service, like that of the locksmith service in San Diego, who will help you fix your locks in a better way than you would yourself.