6 Famous Car Manufacturers of All Time

Posted in August 26th, 2015
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car-manufacturersEver since their invention in 1886, cars have become a highly popular mode of transport and have become a favorite personal vehicle for people across the globe. The first commercial 4 wheeled automobile, powered by a 4-stroke internal combustion engine was designed by the legendary German engineer, Karl Benz who also founded the manufacturing company Mercedes Benz. Although, there are thousands of car manufacturers across the globe, there are some who are considered as iconic, due to their innovative designs and contributions to automobile technology. Listed below are some of the most famous and legendary car manufacturers of all time.

1. Mercedes Benz

The iconic brand is famous as it was founded by Karl Benz, the inventor of the world’s first gasoline powered car. Although the car was invented in 1886, the first Mercedes branded car didn’t come out in the markets till 1926. The brand became an instant hit and by the mid 1930’s Mercedes Benz cars were became the official automobile of Nazi Germany. It was during this period when Mercedes launched their full-sized luxury model, the Mercedes Benz 770. Powered by a straight 8 engine, the car also became one of Adolf Hitler’s personal favorites. If you drive a Mercedes, you can also look for cheap automobile insurance on various websites. With their high performance vehicles and luxurious designs, Mercedes is one of the most iconic car brands in history.

2. Ford

While Mercedes was busy entertaining the Nazi officials, the American engineer Henry Ford designed a car that was much more efficient and affordable for the middle class. Founded in 1903, the Ford motor company is one of the most iconic of American car manufacturers. The business is owned by the Ford family since the past 100 years and has churned out some of the most high quality automobiles. The ford Mustang was released in 1964, and soon became famous for its sturdy and robust design and became a template for several other muscle car designs.

3. Volkswagen

The name translates to ‘People’s car’ in German; Volkswagen is one of the most famous German car manufacturers of all time. After the events of the 2nd world war, Volkswagen became one of the major car manufacturers in Germany and a symbol of the regenerating German economy. The innovative designs and reliability of the vehicles soon found their market in the US and across the globe. The Volkswagen Beetle, Golf and Passat became highly popular and are still some of the highest selling models that the company manufactures. The Volkswagen Type 2 public transport vehicle also became increasingly popular during the 60s and the 70s and reached to an iconic status.

4. Chrysler

Known to be among the big three American automobile manufacturers, Chrysler was founded in 1925, by American engineer and entrepreneur Walter Chrysler. In a short span of 2 years, Chrysler soon became a household name for cars and automobiles. It soon spawned several brand names such as Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, Valiant and imperial, which all became famous in various price sections. Apart from their iconic high performance cars, Chrysler is also notable for their contributions to the automobile industry such as air conditioning and climate control and improvements in car aerodynamics.

5. Alfa Romeo

The suave Italian car manufacturers Alfa Romeo is also one of the most famous car brands of all time. Italy has always been known for its high performance cars manufacturers of the post war era. Although the company suffered a huge setback during the great depression and Italy’s defeat in the 2nd World War, it soon picked up pace at the motor sporting events and Alfa Romeo cars saw several victories at various racing competitions. The most iconic is perhaps the Giulietta Spider which became an instant hit due to its sporty styling and appearance in several Hollywood movies.

6. Honda

One of the most trusted names amongst car manufacturers, Honda is also the largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines in the world. The origins of the company are rooted in Japan, where the owner Soichiro Honda worked as the supplier of piston rings for the already established Toyota Motors. Soon the company started producing motorcycles and became highly popular in the world of motorsports. Today, Honda is known for its highly affordable yet high performance cars that are highly reliable in terms of performance and fuel efficiency.

Automobiles and cars have come a long way since their introduction in the 19th century. Used not only for personal and public transport, cars are also prevalent in sporting events thus exemplifying their popularity.