Things to Do Before Buying a Car

Posted in June 2nd, 2015
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Things to Do Before Buying a CarBuying and driving own car probably tops the wish list of almost all of us and it’s indeed an exciting part of our life. But, apart from the wish and the excitement the fact remains that buying a car needs money- hell a lot of money and it should be spend very cautiously and carefully. In the sense, before buying a car there are several aspects and few things that should be kept in mind as during driving, if you are driving a wrong or a defective car model, then you and other lives could be in jeopardy. Worse, if you are with improper auto insurance any unforeseen damage or accident could cost you millions and it’s really serious. Hence, buying a car whether new or used is a really serious business and no child play. In this article, we will focus and look into certain things which one must do and keep in mind before buying a car in order to make his/her buying and post buying experience with the car smooth and enjoyable.

Decide what you want!

Before you go searching for a suitable car in the market, it is very important that you first decide and determine on yourself what type of car do you want and need. For example, a sports car, SUV, sedan, small car, whether you want to buy a brand new one or a used/pre-owned car, etc. The decision should be dependent on your need, desire, passion for cars and your financial capacity.

Conduct thorough research!

Once, you have decided on your car make and model and car condition, start gathering information from the market through internet browsing, consult with friends and colleagues, go through the user’s feedback  and most importantly check out the car performance and other technical details and you MUST go for a test drive before you actually buy the car. Another important aspect of the research should include detailed information regarding the dealer and always remember to opt for those dealers who are properly listed on the manufacturer’s website.

Set your budget!

Apart from test driving and selecting a manufacturer, the most important pre car buying hitch is probably the budgeting part. One should definitely aware about the actual cost which is the invoice price. The price quoted in the invoice is the amount you actually pay. Also, it is highly recommended that rather deciding the payment mode yourself, you schedule a visit with the manufacturer/dealer’s sales manager who is the correct person to suggest you various payment options available and would also advise feasible auto loans and insurance approval options. You should also compare the quotes from various dealers before zeroing on a single one. For example, Toyota car price in Singapore usually varies in a slight margin from dealer to dealer. If you are buying a pre-owned car directly from the owner, before buying the car, you should check all the relevant documents regarding the car’s condition, mileage, overall performance, ownership, insurance details, etc. Lastly, do not forget to negotiate the price and check your own credit score.

Inspect the car!

This is particularly important if you are buying a pre – owned car either from owner or the buyer. Once you have finalized everything and had checked the car physically, do not forget to run a check with online Carfax report to know about the car’s history. This is particularly important as if a car had met with previous accidents, it could impact your present auto loan and auto insurance amounts. Hence, this step is highly recommended before buying a car.

Once, you are done and dusted with all the above mentioned checklists you are good to go and ready to take the delivery of your brand new car.