You do not have to be rich or famous to use a personalised number plate. Today, ordinary people are buying personalised number plates for their vehicles. For most people, this number plate is an expression of individuality, while for others is an expression of pride. You too can be a proud owner of a personalised number plate if you do a little research and get the right plate.

There are billions of personalised number plates that have been sold by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, so there is no dearth of number plates to choose from. Alternatively, you create your own unique number plate using letters to spell out your name. The question that arises is the type of name format you should use for the plate. Here are some tips that will help you.

First Names

It goes without saying that most people want personalised number plates with their first names. And, this also means that first names are in high demand and because of this huge demand, such personalised number plates are often quite expensive. Names, like Mark and David, are some of the most expensive names and each year depending on the trend, the list of the most popular names for girls and boys keeps changing. So this can also have an impact on the price of the number plate that you are looking for. In fact, some parents are so keen on having personalised number plates for their kids that they buy them when their kids are small, long before they reach their 18th birthday!

Shortening the Name

As first name number plates are high in demand and cost a lot, many people are not resorting to shortening or even abbreviating their first names to three letters, as what is permitted in the UK, followed by numbers. Here too there is a problem, as some names can be easily shortened, while others will need you to put on your thinking cap and come up with letters that make sense and can be read. It is important to note that such number plates can be affordable one minute and the next minute they can be out of reach. Again, it all depends on demand and supply.


The last alternative is to use your initials to personalise your car’s number plate. It will still stand out and you will be able to differentiate your vehicle and yourself from other vehicles and drivers. Also, you will find that getting initials can often be easier than shortened version of your name or opting for your first name. Also, it will be much more affordable for you to buy a personalised number plate with your initials.

Regardless of the format you are choosing, it is important that you do your research well on the personalised number plate, so that you do not get disappointed. Thankfully, there are different types of personalised number plates to choose from, so chances are high that you will not get disappointed and end up with a plate that you will love and adore.

Types of Personalised Number Plates

Dateless Number Plate: These plates can be assigned to any kind of vehicle and do not have any type of age identifier. This type of number plate comes in two formats. One, with letters followed by numbers; and second, numbers followed by letters. Usually, people prefer owning the first format, as it is more valuable.

Suffix Number Plate: This type of number plate has three letters followed by three numbers, which are followed by a letter that stands for the year when the plate was issued.

Prefix Number Plate: This type of number plate is the opposite of suffix, wherein the year of issue comes first, followed by three numbers and three letters.

From 2001, people can also opt for two letter followed by two numbers and three letters. Initially, it was thought this combination of letters and numbers will not work. However, with human mind being so creative, it has become a popular choice. For instance, the name Russell can be turned in RU55 ELL.

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