Car Shipping Rates and Quotes

Posted in May 21st, 2013
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We live in an age of rapid change and people are more movable than ever before. Moving house is no longer an once-in-a-lifetime event. On the contrary, people move averagely 2-3 times in their lives and this frequent change makes them adapt easier to new environments. One of the results of this is the significant growth in the moving industry – removals companies, man-and-van service, vehicle shipping providers, self-storage and more. These services are also becoming more and more affordable because of the huge demand and competition.

When you are moving house cross-country or overseas, it’s often easier and safer to pack your most essential luggage and simply fly. However, this means trusting a car sipping company with your vehicle. Finding a reputable car shipping company at a reasonable price is another task to take care of before you move out. There are multiple car carriers that are listed on the Internet, but make sure you only compare the ones with positive testimonials from past clients that specialize in the type of move you need.

Contact the auto transporter via phone or email and ask for a quote.  Collect at least three quotes so you can have more options to choose from. The most reasonable rate isn’t a guarantee for a quality job, though, so keep that in mind. Another way to find a car shipping provider is by contacting a transport broker or agent – these people don’t personally own trailers for car shipping, but they can contact a number of reputable companies with this service.

Depending on the destination, choose the most suitable agency for moving your car. The company should also provide an adequate cover for the vehicle transport. A car shipping company is an easy way to get your vehicles transported to you – it saves time, money and effort. Make sure you are given a written agreement that states the terms and the rates. The rate should include the cross-border fee, the insurance coverage and the tips. If you are worried that the fee is too high make sure you discuss this with the agent. If you decide to find a company through a broker, you will also have to pay a commission fee.

Most car shipping companies use trucks or trailers with a number of cars. Some use trains, which is another way of shipping vehicles and quite a fast one. If the destination for delivery is overseas the car will be loaded inside a safe and sealed overseas container and shipped this way. Ensure that you will have already arrived at the destination, when your car is delivered to the warehouse so you can pick it up. You could be charged a penalty fee if you don’t do things according to the initial agreement between you and the provider, so before you start the process find out as much information on the topic as you can.


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