10 top tips for moving house without the stress

Posted in May 23rd, 2013
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I recently moved house, and while I’ve done it several times before, I really wasn’t looking forward to it this time around.

However, with a few simple steps (that I made up as I went along), I managed to take a lot of the stress out of the process, which made settling into our new home much, much nicer.

1. Beg for Boxes

Boxes make moving house so much easier, so beg and borrow them from wherever possible – friends who have moved, local businesses, supermarkets and so on.

2. Pack a Travel Bag

Things can get a bit chaotic at the drop-off end of the journey, so don’t count on having easy access to your toiletries and clothes: pack an overnight bag of essentials, just in case.

3. Downsize – Drastically

You don’t have to throw things away in order to downsize; the week before we moved, I decided to sell my used laptop as it was really taking up space and was no longer needed for work. I found a local buyer through word of mouth and they collected it from my old house, with money in my pocket for just a few minutes’ effort.

4. Keep Keys Safe

Always know where your keys to your old house, new home and vehicles are – especially if you’ve rented a removals van.

5. Have Drinks Handy

Most house moves end up with everyone drinking water directly from the tap. To avoid this, have plenty of small bottles at both ends of the journey, in case people get thirsty.

6. Pack the Essentials Last

However organised you want to be, there are some things worth keeping out – such as towels and toilet paper – again to avoid any embarrassment among your helpers.

7. Protect your Possessions

You don’t need proper bubble wrap to keep things safe, but plenty of newspaper or even old plastic carrier bags can work just as well – yes, an actual use for all those old shopping bags!

8. Eat Out

This is a slightly indulgent option, but honestly it can make such a difference – when you reach your new home, rather than unpacking pots and pans, just go out for food, or get a takeaway delivered; you deserve a bit of indulgence after a hard day of moving your life from one place to another.

9. Call on Friends

True friends will always be willing to help you move house, so call in any outstanding favors and ply them with free food, and you’ll soon have an army of heavy-lifters by your side.

10. Hire a Van

I cannot stress this one enough: hiring a van cuts down on the number of trips you’ll need to make, and makes it easier to transport large items, for a double-whammy of stress relief.


About Dan Young

I am a lifestyle blogger and homemaker who likes to take risks in the pursuit of a stress-free life – the decision to sell my used laptop a week before moving house could have added to the chaos, but paid off by leaving me with one less thing to relocate.