2 Tips to Help You Choose the Right LTL Carrier

Posted in October 11th, 2012
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One of the biggest decisions that you will ever need to make when dealing with shipping of items and freights is the choice of the LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipper. It is important that you find out which is the most competitive and best priced LTL shipper that there is and ensure that you use its services for all future needs.

Remember that this logistical aspect of the shipment is one of the most important parts of the whole process and screwing this aspect up will lead to fall in buyers and loss in confidence for the recipients of your shipment. In case you are still confused how to choose the right Local Trucking and Transport Company for your shipment needs, here are 2 tips to help you out during the process:

1. Consistency Of Service

It is important that the LTL shipper of your choice is not only giving you the best prices for your budget but is also backing up the same with a consistent success rate when it comes to timely delivery of your shipment. You will need to ensure that your chosen shipper is being able to stick to the deadlines that they have given you for the shipment not once, not twice but every time they are handling any shipment from you. Keep in mind the following and check them out for this purpose:

a. Organizational Structure

It is important that the LTL shipper of your choice has a well-organized structure in order to handle the multiple levels that are there during the whole shipment process. It is important that this structure is complemented by a functioning and reputed customer service division.

b. Network Gaps

It is important that the LTL shipper that you choose has a complete self-reliant network for the delivery of your goods. In the absence of one, the shipper will be outsourcing the task to other companies which will increase the chances of delayed shipments considerably along with poor customer service.

In this regard you must keep in mind that an occasional delay or a rare problematic situation can be overlooked but you will need to be vigil about the fact that whether or not the inconsistency in service standards is becoming a routine.

2. Reliability

It is important that a LTL shipper is able to offer you reliability regarding the speed of delivery of your package and the safety of the same without needing to compromise between either. You must find out whether the shipments that are handled by the certain LTL shipper are safe in transit and what is the rate of damaged good delivery under them. You can talk to your fellow shippers with experience of using the certain LTL shipper in the past for this purpose.

It is important that you keep these 2 points in mind when you are out to choose the right LTL shipper for your shipment requirements. Failing to do this will result in dwindling profits and loss of reputation to your customers.