Some of the Most Common Reasons for People to Relocate

Posted in September 20th, 2012
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Some of the Most Common Reasons for People to Relocate

Moving house is a big step for anyone to take, but that step is somewhat greater when it’s not just accommodation that someone’s moving, but location too. People relocate and move towns/cities for many different reasons but what are some of the most common reasons for people to leave their hometowns and branch out? Here we take a look at some of the positive and negative reasons why people decide to take the plunge.

Crime Rate

One of the most popular reasons for people relocating is because of the crime rates and danger in their local area. Not being able to let your children play outside because it’s unsafe or because they may get into the wrong crowd is no way to raise a family, and often people look for other safer areas to live in. Residential areas near city centres can be notoriously ‘edgy’ so families often move to suburban areas which are more family-orientated.


New jobs often influence people to move nearer to their work. Commuting for hours each day can be draining both financially and mentally, so moving to make travel easier is a common reason for relocating. In the case of choosing their hometown over a new career, future employment and career opportunities often come first and so a new life somewhere new begins. Often people move to city centres to seek better career prospects, smaller towns and villages often have limited employment opportunities.


Students often relocate and choose to study somewhere new when they go to university. The thought of studying in their hometown doesn’t seem to appeal to the students who choose to live in university accommodation; perhaps it’s more of a feeling of independence starting again somewhere new and meeting new people. Also, some universities and colleges specialise in certain areas of study, so it’s worth students relocating to receive a better education.


Nowadays, the digital world has enabled people to meet their matches online; hence more long distance relationships forming. If things work out however, the long distance couples will want to move in together which means one half of the relationship will be forced to relocate elsewhere. The thought of moving somewhere new with a new partner can prove to be exciting for some couples and enhance their relationship or be too much for others, who struggle to be far away from their family.
Of course there are hundreds of reasons why people choose to relocate, and thanks to technology people can easily stay in touch with those at home wherever they’re based. Whilst families try to look for safe neighbourhoods for their children to grow up in, younger people may look to relocate to a city for studying or career opportunities.

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