Florida Auto Transport

Posted in April 30th, 2012
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Florida Auto TransportFlorida auto transport companies are strewn all across the state, from Miami to Orlando, Jacksonville to Pensacola, and many of them operate fleets of trucks that haul cars across the U.S. If you’re shipping within the state of Florida, it’s important to know a bit about where you’re at, where you need to get to and the various means of getting from A to B. This translates to knowing the interstate highways around your area. For instance, Florida has several popular interstate highways that auto transport companies use to transport their vehicles, with the most popular being I-95, which runs along the eastern seaboard north, I-4 which connects St. Petersburg and Orlando, and I-75, which links St. Petersburg with Miami. These interstate highways are very useful for auto transporters, so the closer you are to them the better.