Auto Transport Florida to Washington

Posted in April 20th, 2012
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Auto Transport Florida to WashingtonAuto transport Florida to Washington is simple enough to acquire, once you know how. Though there are few interstates that run directly from Florida to Washington, there are plenty that serve both states, and this helps auto transport companies tremendously as they save a lot of time and money by sticking to interstate routes. Be sure to have your pickup and delivery locations near a major interstate highway, as it will help save you some money. Major interstates that will probably be easy to ship from are I-80, which runs through the states just east of the Rockies; I-40, which runs through the southern U.S.; I-70, which runs east-west through the Midwest, and I-10, which also runs east-west. Each auto transporter will use their own route from A to B, but this will give you an idea of where they’ll be when they have your vehicle.