Michigan Governer on Infrastructure and Transportation

Posted in October 28th, 2011
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Thanks to partisan politics it’s a struggle for congress to make their minds up on anything lately. Luckily, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has decided not to wait for them. He has stepped forward and provided a blueprint for the state’s transportation future. A major part of Snyder’s plan is establishing a rapid bus service in the Detroit area in order to complement and build upon the Woodward light-rail line, which is already in development. Snyder’s blueprint also includes a plan to pay for all of these transportation updates and they include: raising vehicle license fees by $40 and changing Michigan’s gas tax to a levy as percent of the price per gallon as opposed to a flat fee. Hopefully Snyder’s plan will at least open up a strong dialogue that can bring about change.

Guest post contributed by Michigan DUI Lawyer Joseph F. Awad and LocalRollOff.com, delivering roll off dumpsters in Detroit.