Ford Motors has come roaring out of the recession, being the only major American automaker to pull through without a taxpayer bailout. While that is Ford’s major bragging point in commercials, the company has undertaken other laudable initiatives, such as a company recycling program that’s meant to get old, fuel-inefficient cars off the road and replace them with more environmentally friendly vehicles.

Along with a similar program from GM, the Ford initiative is offering cash incentives to owners of certain vehicles to turn them in to recycling centers in Canada and the United States. The money may be used towards the purchase of a new Ford vehicle. A shrewd marketing strategy, to be sure, but also one that has a measurable, positive impact on carbon emissions due to traffic.

This and other factors have led impressive Ford sales over the past year; even with lingering economic malaise, the company’s sales of all vehicles have grown by 15% this September, compared to the same month in 2010.

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