Ukraininan Cops Mad About Performance Art

Posted in June 24th, 2011
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An underground art collective in Kiev, Ukraine has drawn the ire of the country’s government and triggered a manhunt after posting a prank video where its members fry eggs on top of the Eternal Flame at a WWII memorial. Patriotically-inclined citizens were outraged by the stunt, taking it as a sign of disrespect towards veterans and victims of the Great Patriotic War, as World War II is known to most on the territory of the former Soviet Union.

The provocateurs issued a statement that the action was undertaken in protest against the jailing of another activist artist, Anna Sinkova, who did the exact same thing several months ago. She said that her fried eggs were a statement against official mistreatment of war veterans, as well as the waste of natural gas that the eternal flame represents.

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