Fort Myers, FL: City versus State

Posted in June 29th, 2011
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There is an on-going dustup between the state of Florida and city authorities of Fort Myers. One day, residents of the town awoke to find a large, round concrete base sticking out of a sidewalk amid luxury residences on McGregor Boulevard.

It turned out that the concrete foundation was part of a state initiative to install some three hundred electronic signs along Florida roads and highways. The signs would be used for traffic reports, generic announcements and other alerts.

The state government voted on the initiative with an aim of increasing information awareness and improving traffic safety on Florida’s roadways – a laudable goal and one welcomed by our friends in FL auto transport companies. Unfortunately, before digging up the pavement on McGregor Boulevard, the state neglected to get a permit from the city government, as was stipulated by the agreement to install the signs. The state thought it owned the Boulevard, but was rudely disillusioned when it turned out the road belonged to the city since 1998.

The city has ordered the state to remove the incomplete sign, and Fort Myers residents are going to see the last of the concrete foundation within several weeks. Most townsfolk seem eager enough for the day, since the base is at least two feet across, and promised to be crowned with a giant billboard ten times larger than the biggest church signs in town.